Here are some photos Jessie and I took yesterday! The sunshine and wind made it a perfect setting for photos!

After work yesterday,

I met up with joy for dinner! I can't remember when the last time I had seen this girl!

We were so indecisive where we wanted to eat! We weren't craving for anything so we decided to have dinner at a vietnamese cuisine that I've recently heard people rave about, Ha Long Bay Bistro!

The service was really good, the decor was very elegant and the food was tasty! (Of course it was, it's from my own ethnicity! Hahaha ) After we got our food bellies, we stuffed it more by going to Hotel Gelato!

The italians make very good ice cream! You go italians! Haha :-) It was so sweet, creamy and luxurious!

I was so overwhelmed with the choices! In the end, I chose the vanilla toffee crunch and sea salt caramel and Joy had the wild strawberry cheesecake! It tasted delightful with the waffle cone! It's always nice having dinner with my best friend!!! :* ♥

After I got home, I worked past midnight to finish my co-op portfolio! I'm sure my creativity is at its best when I'm half asleep!

Today I had a lovely day! The weather was beautiful for walking home! I actually took my time today and enjoyed the scenery instead of walking so quick like I had to go to the washroom! Hahaha

My friends and I went to Second Cup for lunch today! Jess tried their new Chocolate Toffee Crunch Chillatte

while i had my favourite Sparkling Green Tea Lemonade! I really like the distinctive taste that green tea has! :-)