The weather was sunny and warm today! It was the perfect weather for photos outside at lunch with Jessie and Kalene! Here are a few of my favourite snaps from today!

It was also the perfect weather to wear my new summer dress for the first time! I remember I gave you guys a sneak peak of the print on the dress in my last month's post! :-)

Besides having fun at lunch today, I also had lots of fun in my classes! In physics, we did an experiment using... SLINKYS!

I obviously had to make gifs out of this! Hahaha :-)

In chemistry, we did an experiment which produced a blue precipitate,

it was nickel carbonate... I think!!! Pretty cool, pretty cool!

In media, my teacher returned our summatives back to us! I'm not sure if you guys remember, but for our summative this year, we had to create a zine!

We had a chance to read other people's zines today too! There were really good ones made! I didn't circulate mine around the class though. I was considering but it's just too.. personal. I could show you guys photos of my zine though and a few of my pages!

My zine centered around my blog, family, friends, baking, clothes and all things!

I also shared more personal stuff, like my insecurities. it's weird, it's like my media teacher knows me now. He knows me better than most of my friends!

If i let you read it, consider yourself very special to me! :-)

I can't believe what i got on it. I actually don't like sharing my marks with anyone but I just want to share this because I want to record this very happy moment! I have really high expectations so I didn't expect him to give me this mark at all. I thanked him for it and he thanked me for sharing. Hahaha :-) 

I can't wait for this long weekend to start! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy this weather!