This long weekend, my favourite cousin came over! When nancy comes over, we take millions of photos to remember our time together! :-) I'm collecting all these photos so I could eventually make a scrapbook of us (Did that sound ...creepy? Hahaha)

I decided to unleash my lion's mane in front of her... my hair is actually x3 its size when its not straightened! I honestly don't know where I inherited so much hair from!!! Fml.

Besides taking sillly webcam photos, we went to the park in the evening for some fun with my camera!

and then when it got dark, we watched the fireworks together

and sat on the park bench and had our heart to hearts. After that, we went on the swing and swung so high and yelled our heads off ... just for the hell of it! I think that's one of my secrets of how to be happy. :-)

We walked back to my house after but before we did, I got this crazy idea and told Nancy to sit at this mini intersection so I could take a photo of her and the girl actually sat down! HAHA

... After that ...
We got a crazier idea.