There were many things that made me smile this weekend... like looking through the photos Jessie and I took last week! She's my absolute favourite! Hehe :-*

I was also happy to wear my new top I recently got to Michael's on Saturday!

At Michael's, I bought new scrapbook paper, (I have no idea how much money I spent on scrapbook paper this year, but they're so worth it and pretty!!! Hahaha)

and a pretty memory box! :-)

I finally have a place to keep all my precious photos in!

I'm also happy I finally found a happy photo

to place in my picture frame! :-)

Other things that made me smile was eating the new cinnamon Corn Pops' cereal,

having a fruit salad,

seeing my henna tattoo finally fade,

and baking chewy (chocolate x nutella x white chocolate chips) cookies!!! :-)

If you're a chocolate lover and have a sweet tooth...

you will definitely enjoy these!!!

Here's the recipe!

I was happy to finally finish my Smucker's jam jar because

I could now use it to collect money for my future DSLR!!! :-)

I was also happy to change into new bedsheets, seeing how happy the lovebirds are together,

capturing Ryan's silly (normal) faces,

spending a day with my brother by doing face masks

...and getting a makeover!

I know it looks lengthy but trust me... it's worth the watch!!! Haha

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend! Time to get started on my co-op summative,
I'm actually so excited to start!

*All photos were taken using Instagram and the beloved cookies were taken with my digital camera!