Here are some photos I took at co-op this week! 
Prepare yourself for a dose of cuteness!!! :-)

I really love how candid this photo was! Haha :-)

I'm not sure how many jumping photos we tried to take but I'm sure this was the only best one! Their faces are priceless!!! Haha

Isabelle and Arianna showing off their butterfly cookies! Speaking of butterflies,

their new butterfly kit came in this week!

Each kid will get their own caterpillar to take care of and when they all grow into butterflies, they're going to release it! How awesome is that!!! :-)

This week I had the opportunity to teach an art lesson to the class! They listened attentively as usual! Hehe :-)

This week, we created spring flowers!

To do the project, they had to trace their hands onto 8 different colours of construction papers, then they would cut it out and arrange it around a plate so it could be the flower's petals! :-)

For the center, they had to draw a self portrait!

The end result was beautiful

and I thought their self portraits were SO adorable

...especially Arianna's!!! Haha