After work last Saturday, my sister, grandma and Ryan picked me up to go to Pacific Mall with them! My sister was so sweet and brought me a lunch too! She bought me a coconut cupcake from Swirls Cupcakes so I could compare it to the ones I made last week! They certainly made it better than me!!! It was so moist and the icing was so fluffy!

She also brought me a patty. Damn, I love jamaican patties! :-) Thanks Susie! :* We rarely visit
Pacific Mall but we went this weekend to get my grandma out of the house a bit! We obviously had to get bubble tea while we're there! Bubble tea cures everything!


I also bought a new iPhone case for a very affordable price! I've been wanting a case from Kate Spade for a while so I was lucky to find it for 1/4 the price that Apple store was selling it! It's iPhone case heaven there! Goodbye Hello Kitty case!!!

Pacific Mall, I went home and got ready for Megan's sweet 16th birthday party!

Everyone at the party was so welcoming and friendly!


It was so nice seeing how happy she was to see her friends! Megan stuffed us with food, we mingled and then we were off to the park for a water balloon fight! (Omg.)

While we were walking to the park, I made a new hipster friend!


I guess we became friends after we both expressed how we did not want to get wet at all! We sat on the other side of the field while everyone was getting soaked! :-)

We promised we wouldn't get each other wet

....but i guess promises are meant to be broken, thanks Sloane!!!

After the water balloon fight, Megan gathered all of us to play a game! I'm not sure if she made it up but we played a game where we lined up in two lines and competed against each other. Each line had a sponge and we had to pass it down the line and squeeze the water in these two soda bottles to fill it to the top! We played for half an hour and realized we didn't even fill the bottles a quarter way up yet so we stopped

and decided to mingle more! HAHAH

Joycelyn was smart to come after we played with the water and just in time for the cake!

She showed me the coolest thing she did to her hair! She dyed the ends of it a tint of pink!

We got back to megan's place and sang her happy birthday,

ate the moist cake,

and ate candy shish kabobs!

I had a wonderful time megan, thanks for introducing me to your friends, being an amazing host and a great friend over the years!


Oh! I can't forget! It was so nice seeing your pretty face Cammy!!! :-* ♥


I hope you had a wonderful sweet 16 Megan! :* ♥ You're loved by all of us!