For our art summative this year, we had to design two artworks which showed a before and after transformation!

My sister gave me the idea of doing it on Apple's Macintosh computers! If I say so myself, their computers had came a long way since their earliest creation!

We were able to design our artwork in any medium we like! I chose to do it in plasticine and paper maché since I wanted to make it three dimensional! Let me tell you... it was a really messy process!!!

It took me a couple of hours to mold it

and a couple of more hours to paper maché it!

Look at the cute little mouse! Haha :-)

The plasticine left my hands feeling so waxy afterwards! I had to soap x3 to get it all off, yuck! The paper maché glue was also slimy and sticky!

After paper macheing it, I had to prime it in white paint before painting! This was also a messy task since I was too impatient to wait for it to dry one side before doing it on the other side!

After it dried, I painted the computers in their signature colours! In all honesty, I thought the computers looked awful! Like did I really spend so many hours to get to this point?!?

 I had hope that something lovely would come out of this!

After I painted my computers, I painted the base for my computers to rest on top of,

I also decided to design miniature apples to place around my computers!
(You get it? Apples? Heh.. heh..heh)

After I shaped them, I had to paper mache them! I went to study for my physics test after! Actually.

The next day, I finished priming my little apples and

added the details on the computers!

After the white paint dried on my apples, I painted them in red.

While my apples dried, I added the screensavers on my computers!

When they finally dried, it was time for the fun part...

my art teacher thought I was joking when I said I was going to add glitter!

I didn't only glitter the apples though, I also glitterfied my computers!!! I'm not sure how many times I had to wash my hands that night! It was so worth it though!

I finished my project by having daddy attach the stand to the latest computer

and finding artificial flowers to add to my masterpiece!

I dropped off my art project early in the morning and my art teacher died of laughter when she saw my artwork! She was surprised to see the miniature apples and she was also surprised to see my whole artwork covered in glitter! i don't joke about my glitter!!! :-)

My daddy drove me to co-op afterwards and when I got there, I turned off my ringtone and noticed this text message!

Today I noticed my artwork in the center of the display case at the front entrance of my school!!! Something lovely did come out of this. :-)