I went for a nice jog on Wednesday afternoon! Afterwards, I cooled off and fell asleep on the swing in my backyard. :-) I woke up and before I went in, I decided to check out the garden to see what my parents have been up to since I've been inside all month doing summatives!

I noticed all the pretty flowers my mom has planted for the season!

I couldn't help but take so many photos of all of them!!!

Sorry for the flowers overdose guys! Here's the last (and my favourite) one! :-)

The reason I had to take a nap after school that day was because I spent all night finishing my art summative and preparing for my last day of co-op the next day!

My dad drove me to school to drop off my assignment, then he drove me to metro to pick up treats for my little kiddies!

In the morning, I taught them my final lesson and I chose to do an art lesson! :-)

We made watercolour butterflies!

It was a simple, quick and fun project!

Afterwards, we went out for a picnic to celebrate my last day! The weather was wonderful - it was sunny with a nice breeze! :-)

  I will miss those cute faces!

All day they've been asking me,"Why do you have to go?" I couldn't even give them a good answer either!

Afterwards, it was lunch time for them! While they ate lunch,

I prepared a slideshow of all the photos I took of them throughout the year!

They were so ecstatic when they saw all the photos! "That's me!!!" I was so happy to see all of their reactions and at the same time, I was so sad. I can't believe the time has come where I have to say goodbye! They taught me how to be a better listener, problem-solver, teacher and ...photographer!

After the presentation, I handed out the treats!

The little things makes them so happy. :-)

They also handed me a treat too!

The class made a card for me and my supervisor gave me a gift and a card

"I'm going to remember you when I'm 100!"
"When I get home, I'm going to make a card to remember you Miss. Cindy."
"Who is going to help me with my bell work?"
"When are you coming back? Give me the exact date. Please."
"Don't forget about us."
"You don't have to text or email before you visit, my door will always be open for you!"

I'm so thankful for being able to do my co-op placement there! Everyone was honestly so welcoming and friendly and the kids made me so happy!

I don't consider this to be my last day actually, I'll definitely be visiting after exams! :-)