Happy birthday to my friend, Alexandria! 
I just came home from her birthday celebration at her house and I'm on a sugar rush so I decided to blog this late tonight! Haha :-) I had lots of fun tonight but before I talk about the things we did, let's start from the beginning!


Last week I had lunch and went shopping with Joy at boutiques near my work! We tried on lots of tops and silly sunglasses. :-) I was able to find an outfit to wear to her party tonight! I haven't painted my nails for four months because I knew they would get ruin with all my school projects but I can finally paint them once again!

After I got ready, Ryan and Susie drove me to Jess' house. We got ready, signed the birthday card for Alexandria and took some photos in her lovely bedroom. :-)

We arrived at the party and watched Family Guy while waiting for everyone to arrive! We had a Greek dinner - you really can't go wrong with Greek. :-)

We watched a movie afterwards and we chose to watch 17 again with Zac Efron! Maddy made a joke that it was a perfect movie since Alexandria was turning that age! Hahaha

Afterwards we played some intense Mario Kart!

It got so hot in the basement, we decided to go to the park!

Maddy wanted to be featured on my blog so I tried to take as many photos with her tonight!!! :-)

I love this photo of the birthday girl! Hahaha!

We got back to her house after and cut the birthday cake! It was so cute!!!

It was DQ's ice cream cake! I'm sure I had this every. single. year. for 16 years for my birthday but I still can't get sick of it. :-)

Afterwards, she opened the gift Jessica and I chipped in together to buy for her!

"This is actually the best birthday card I ever got." When I first bought it, my boss wanted to read it and I was actually scared what he might think but he laughed too! :-) After she read the card, it was time to open the gift Jess and I were anticipating for!@#$%

I didn't get an image of the actual gift but we got her a Fujifilm Polaroid camera with film!!! Not gonna lie, I wanted to keep the gift for myself!@#$%^ LOL She took the first photo with us!!! :-)

The night couldn't have ended better with... cinnamon buns!!!

Thanks for the invite Alexandria! I hope you had an awesome time!!!