Since I go to a non-semester school, all the exams we would have to write is at the end of the year! Luckily, the courses I chose didn't all have an exam! I only had four exams this year and my exam schedule also worked very favourably for me! I had enough time to study for all my exams in the span of one week! :-)

I realized the more i studied, the more fruits I consumed! I'm sure I could live off a diet of just fruits and vegetables and I would be satifisfied but malnourished!

Besides studying, I also had time to make homemade crepes for the first time for my sister and I,

updated my summer wardrobe,

and took my daddy out to dim sum for breakfast for father's day! I tried this cute sticky rice wrap with a chicken filling there and I can't decide if i like this better or my dumplings! So good!

Besides taking my daddy out for breakfast,

my sister and I chipped in together to get him a gift!

We got him a brand new wallet!

My sister and I don't just get our favourite man any kind of wallet...

I love you forever and always daddy! Did you know that your laugh is my favourite laugh?