After Jess and I wrote our last exam of the year yesterday, we had to have a celebration together! We decided to go to Yorkdale and have our celebratory dinner! We walked around, bought gelato & bubble tea (of course!),

and shopped! I'm going to be a shopaholic. I just know it!!!

I've been looking for a nice pair of lace shorts and I found one at Zara but I didn't purchase it. When I walked out the change room and gave it to the assistance, a customer asked me where I found them in the store and told me it looked great on me. I'm actually so indecisive, I'm still considering! Haha :-)

After we shopped, we had dinner at Moxies!

They forgot to put cheddar cheese on our appetizer and quickly took it back to put it on! Cheese or chocolate makes anything better!

Jess and I both ordered their burgers! She's actually been anticipating for this burger all day and recommended that i tried it! Hahaha :-)

The way they cooked their beef was nothing like I tried before! If you're a fan of basil pesto, you'll enjoy their Mediterranean burger fo sho!

We decided it was our night to indulge since we deserved it after all of our hardwork! :-)

The night couldn't have ended better without...
the white chocolate brownie!

I can't tell you how good it is. The warm and moist brownie with the sweet vanilla ice cream and drizzled in chocolate syrup. Oh gosh!

Here's my outfit for the day: Dress - Talula, Bag - Gucci, Flats - Jeffrey Campbell   
In the Topshop bag, I purchased a new bathing suit! I'm so in love!!!

Thanks for finding it and watching me try it on Jess  
and thanks for starting the summer with me! :-*


Today i spent the day with my friend Safia! She had her last day of exams today and she wanted to spend it with me! Hehehe :-) I've learned so many things about her today and she actually has the best memory! I don't think I've ever met anyone who remembered the boring little details about me! :-)

Check out the massive collage on her bedroom wall! She's actually so sentimental and kept everything I gave her this year!

Her little hamster is so pudgy and cutesy!!! :-)

We went to Sherway today with no plans in mind at all! I actually enjoy things unplanned and unexpected! We walked around the mall like five times, chatted, shopped and ate! She is actually my long lost food soulmate! We both have an obsession with KD's mac & cheese, multi flavoured slushie from the gas station, spicy california roll, mango bubble tea with tapioca, manchu wok and more!!!

She let me choose all the food we would eat today since she knew we had the same taste! She questioned me when I put barbecue sauce in our Subway sub but she fell in love with it after! Haha! :-)

We also have a love for Yogen Fruz!
Thanks for a super fun day Saffie!!! :* ♥ I also bought new ballerinas today! They're so comfortable and simple, I love it! Bye bye Jeffrey Campbell! :-)

I can't believe it's that time of year again. This summer will be worthwhile.