My cousin Linda recently moved into her new home and after she read a few of my blog entries, she wanted me to help her design it this summer! I FELT SO HONOURED TO BE ASKED! :-) I doing this kind of stuff! Her lovely family consists of her husband, Charlie and their two sons, Eli (left) and Ethan (right)!

She picked me up on Saturday afternoon and I stayed over for a week! (She's going to be picking me up every weekend to help her out and I'll stay over until my work days/hangouts/birthdays/concerts!) It's going to be a busy + FUN summer!

The first thing we did when she picked me up was go for AYCE sushi @ Makimono! I tried new things like, seaweed salad and edamame! This was just the beginning of trying new things. That evening we planned out how we were going to decorate Eli's bedroom. The next morning we really got down to work!

We dropped the boys off at their grandma while we ran some errands!

It was a busy day ahead of us! We went in and out of so many stores!!! It was so much fun exploring, touching and laughing at all the things we found!

We visited random furniture stores,



Party City,

Home Depot
and Dollarama all in the span of three hours!

Oh yeah, we also had a pitstop at TIM HORTON'S!

After we picked up all of our supplies and the little munchkins, we went back to her house and got down to work in Eli's bedroom! I will show the outcome of the bedroom in the following posts!

I learned how to paint walls for the first time! My dad never trust me with this kind of stuff... I don't know why!!! "Cindy, you should feel special because I don't let just anyone paint my walls." I sure did!!! :-) Hahaha We took a break to do some fireworks for Canada's Day!

Afterwards we continued painting Eli's bedroom a bit more, had a late night meal together and went to sleep!

Ethan drew this message and stuck it on his little brother's door! So precious!

Linda and Charlie has been such welcoming and kind hosts! I can see that they're really trying to make me feel comfortable and I honestly am! THANK YOU! They're also letting me use their Canon Rebel t2i while I'm there, so stick around for my following blogposts with amazing quality photos!!! :-)