Megan came over to visit me this week!
It's always so nice seeing my childhood bestie! We're able to talk about anything and catch each other up on everything even though we haven't seen each other in weeks!

We had a three hour conversation together while eating Nutella!

Afterwards we visited one of my favourite parks to take some cute photos together!!! :-)

The new gorilla tripod I bought this year has actually made our life so much easier for photos!@#$ :-)

Time always flies by so quickly when we hang together! Why oh why!!!

Before we knew it, we were hungry again! :-)

We had to bike up this huge hill (I'm not kidding, Megan had to walk the bike up the hill! Haha!) to get home to prepare dinner! It was so worth it though!!!

I'm sure you all know how much I my mac and cheese!!! This is like my summer food staple! :-)

Afterwards, we had dessert! At first, I thought we were going to have a nice simple ice cream sandwich...

but it became more like an amped up ice cream sandwich!

Thanks for an amazing day girlie!!! :-* ♥ 
You're always, always welcomed here! My grandma loves yaaa!