The next morning, we woke up and ate breakfast before getting in the car

to go pick up some more materials for Eli's bedroom! It's actually so much fun looking at decor!

The things they do while waiting for their mommy!
 After checking out the toys' section for Ethan

and picking up bubble tea
 we headed back home to get working!
 Linda had to pick up more paint from Home Depot for his bedroom so I stayed home with the kids and baked them my favourite banana cake! I made them into cupcakes this time and added chocolate chips in half the batter!

While I baked, Ethan did arts and crafts and baby was sleeping upstairs in his crib. It was a peaceful afternoon with Mariah Carey's songs playing on repeat! :-)
 After I placed my first tray of cupcakes in the oven,
 Ethan gave me a homemade card!
then he left supplies on the island and told me to make him a card! Haha!
 My cupcakes were finally done baking in the oven
 and linda and ethan loved them! (Whatcha think of linda's only cupcake holders? So cute! Hahaha)
 The kids had lunch before we all got ready to go to Ethan's soccer practice!
 My little man is #3!

Eli had his own fun while watching his older brother play soccer...

... like stealing someone else's chair!

It's cool how Charlie is the coach for the team!

Afterwards, we went to furniture stores to look for more decor
 and went for a carwash before heading home!
 When I arrived home, I noticed that there were this many cupcakes/muffins left!
 I baked 20 that afternoon and now there's seven! That makes me a happy baker. :-)

The family played around,
 ate popcorn chicken,

Ethan showed me his Lego hero factory toy,

favourite Hot Wheels cars

and read me a story before bed! (He's not in grade one yet and he has the reading level of a grade three!!!)