My best friend Justine came over today!
I haven't seen her since ...march break!

We had so much to catch up on that we spent two hours sitting on my bed telling each other everything that had happened!

I love how distance and time doesn't make our friendship awkward and we're able to continue where we left off! Hehehe :-)

We also cooked our favourite creamy pasta and baked ginormous chocolate chip cookies together!

The photos don't do them any justice but they were so chocolatey and thick that i think we're both scarred for a while! Oh man!

We also got dolled up and she curled my hair ...with a straightener! :-)

We took some fun photos after to add to my collage in my bedroom! Here are a few of my favourites that we took with my digital camera tonight!

This is my absolute favourite photo! It makes me so happy to see the carvings four of us made on this fence after two years! :-*

Thanks for a memorable day Justine!