This was my last day at Linda's house for the week! I woke up and found Ethan and Eli eating grapes in their mom's room while watching their morning cartoons. I'm not sure how many times Eli poured his grapes all over the carpet...

but he always cleans it up before anyone says anything! Hahaha :-) So adorable ...and disciplined!

We went downstairs when he was done and Ethan asked me to do arts and crafts with him after breakfast!


It doesn't look like i did much work though... Hehehe :-)

Afterwards, he asked his mom for a cardboard box to play with.


While that occupied him, I helped linda cut out cute drawings from the Hungry Caterpillar scrapbook to be framed and hung in Eli's bedroom. Eric Carle makes adorable illustrations!

We found all sorts of white frames for a cheap price at Dollarama and IKEA for them to be framed in!

It took us a few hours and before we knew it, it was time for lunch!

I think I make a good foot rest since the boys love putting their feet on me while they watch tv! Hahaha :-)

Ethan also has his karate classes on Wednesday! While he had his lessons, I waited with Linda and baby on the benches. :-)

You would think that baby drank his water when you give it to him... look at that little treat he left at the bottom of the bottle for Ethan...


I don't think Ethan realized it either since I asked him how the water tasted and he said it tasted "good!" ...Linda and I dieddd! 

After karate, he had Kumon - hump days are busy days! While he was inside for his classes, Eli and I took a nap in the car, I'm not sure what linda was doing.. Haha


After Kumon, Linda went to speak with someone inside while ethan ran up to my window and showed me the new card he got...

and then he gave me one to keep! :-)


He opened my car door afterwards and jumped on my lap and started asking me why I had to go home that day! I felt so wanted! Hahaha

I think this is Ethan's signature face ...or the face he usually gives me when I take selfies of him! Why!!!


When Charlie came home that night, he suggested we went out for dinner before dropping me home. :-)

Eli's bedroom will be unveiled in the following post, stay tune!!!