It's finally time to show what Linda and I have been working on this month!!! The first room we chose to start with was Eli's bedroom!

Here are a few photos of the bedroom before!

We had no idea where to start! We found so many ideas, we wanted to reuse and remake his furniture and we also wanted to find unique D.I.Y decorations for his bedroom!

Linda wanted to do an accent wall for his bedroom
and I really wanted to do stripes!!!

She didn't want to do it at first
but after a lot of convincing...Heh.. heh.. heh :-)


 It's amazing how changing the wall colour and rearranging the furniture changes the room greatly!

We also found all sorts of inexpensive decorations like framing scrapbook paper,

and using IKEA's spice racks as bookshelves!

We also framed one special drawing, do you remember it?

Although the room is so simple, I think it's perfect for little Eli! Hehehe :-) What makes us even more happy is that my dad, Charlie, and Linda's mother in law loved it too - they're really hard to impress! I can't wait to see what we come up with for Ethan's bedroom!!! :-)