Linda's Home: Five

There were many things that made me smile this week 
at my cousin's house like capturing the boys' angry faces,

accidentally capturing Alexis' boogers drooping,

watching Ethan at his karate lessons,

seeing a rainbow after a heavy rainstorm,

feeding mango to the neighbour's new bunny,

watching Linda give baby Eli a shower,

having Ethan to finally smile at the camera,

finding the baldspot Eli gave himself with a razor...

the boys behaving while Linda and I shop,

baking carrot cupcakes,
(Ethan wanted the chocolate chips)

having the boys loving them

(even though the first batch didn't turn out that great),

attending Ethan's soccer practices,

seeing how happy Eli was after he gave other kids snacks,

watching Linda chase Eli around on the soccer field,

seeing my little man score a goal for the team,

being there when his daddy told him how proud of how he played that day,

seeing my last tray of carrot cupcakes turning out better,

finding a corn pop that Ethan stuck on one of my cupcakes,

listening to Ethan as he explained his Lego characters to me,

having a bedtime story with him,

going to water parks,

the boys' cute drying towels,

and ending the week with mango bubble tea!
(One of the best bubble tea I've ever tried!!!)

Thanks for another fun and memorable week Linda and Charlie!!!