This week was filled with good eats and good shows! 
Since I didn't stay at Linda's this week, I had time to catch up on Teen Wolf! I heard so many great reviews from my friends and family that I had to see what it was all about! The show is addicting and there's never a dull moment, which is good considering I have a really short attention span!!! :-) Besides watching shows, I ate lots of tasty dishes like, 
the Mad Italian's Tuscan Tuna Pizza Cone,
(I really enjoyed these with Joycelyn but they kind of stuffed mine with a looot of red beans!)

Petite Thuet's macarons,


(I tried their mint chocolate and cookies and cream! I'm sure these are one of the biggest macarons I've tried so far. They're really soft and sweet!!!)

Jack Astor's Parmesan Chicken with Bowties

and their Lobster and Crab Dip,

Eggspectation's Eggstravaganza, 
(It was actually my first time trying french toast and I loved it!!! Better late than never right? :-))

and Marble Slab's mango ice cream with lychee pearls
(The lychee pearls were like popping bobas!!!)!


The week ended with hanging out with my best friend and seeing a free show from Fefe Dobson!


There's only 8 more days until I see Frank Ocean perform live!!!