Megan and I hung out a few weeks ago at my house and talked about having a shopping spree and dinner together! The plan finally happened yesterday!! :-)


When I met up with her, both of our jaws literally dropped! We coincidentally wore similar outfits! She thought I would wear a dress and I thought I would too! Hahaha :-) I decided to wear shorts since I knew it would be easier to try on tops. :-) "It's okay, the one who wears the outfit better is the one who is always smiling and that's you!" @!%*&^#% She's always so sweet, ugh!


We didn't know where to have dinner after we shopped and decided to go into any restaurant that caught our eye, which was Paramount Finefoods! I looked at the menu and I asked her, "What's a shawarma?" She responded, "Oh my god, you never had a shawarma before? You're having that, okay!" I still can't believe I went to Lawrence Heights and never tried a shawarma! Hahaha

It was too bad that the shawarma didn't meet our expectations - it was too sour! We decided to make up for it by finding something sweet afterwards!

We were considering of buying candy apples but she didn't want me to endure those since I have braces. we promised we'll treat ourselves to these as soon as I get them off! Hehehe :-)

We went to Marble Slab instead and I didn't mind going again since I was able to get another stamp for my card! Hahaha :-) T
hanks for a very fun day girlie!!! :-*


Oh! here are the stuff i bought! :-) I got those sweet shorts for 50% off @ Aritzia!