After two months of waiting patiently,


  I finally got to see Frank Ocean 
perform live at the Kool Haus!


My cousins, Scott and I waited in line for seven hours! Some had even waited since 8 in the morning! True dedication!!!

We occupied ourselves by staring at pylons and cars, eating chips, drinking Arizona, chatting, taking photos and some even smoked some mary jane to pass time! I didn't do it though, so no worries!!! Haha :-) Time flew by before we knew it! Hehehe :-)

Special thanks to Judy for coming earlier than Nancy and I to stand in line!!! :-)


When the doors finally opened, we had to wait for another two hours!! I have no idea how we killed time! Hahaha I was in the second row while waiting but once he came out on stage, the crowd got rowdy and pushed me to the first row!


It was so much more than I could ask for - absolutely amazing.

I was able to get SO many amazing shots of him serenading to me!!! Hehehe :-)
The line was long, it was raining, my feet were soaked and numb, people were pushy
but it was honestly alllll worth it to see him perform live!!! He sounds so good live by the way!

After he sang my favourite song from Channel Orange (Pyramids) he saluted us and left the stage! People started moving and chanting his name for more...

and he actually came out with his keyboard and gave us one more song!!! He sure knows how to tease us! Hahaha


Thank you for blessing us with 

your amazing voice Frank Ocean!!!


I also got a photo with Gilbert Wallace from OFWGKTA when i left the building!!! :-) Oh boy, he had a grip on my waist but I didn't mind of course... ;-)

Without a doubt, 
it was one of the best nights of my life!