It's time for your weekly dose of cuteness! 
Here are the things that made me smile at Linda's house last week...

Eli's adorable backpack,

the way eli pouts when he has to eat,

the way ethan looks while he is eating,
the cute handwritten messages I found in Ethan's bin,

watching the boys play with their toys,

the new and beautiful boat Charlie bought,

the way Ethan draws his people on his cards,

catching baby Eli reaching for chips,

catching baby Eli falling into a toy bin,

seeing how happy Ethan is when he's at swim lessons,

capturing Ethan while he's sleeping,

happy kids at the park,

going to the Shrine Circus,

and Eli's cute baby toes!!!

It was my last week at Linda's house so I tried to take as many photos of the boys as I could! Although Linda and I didn't accomplish as much as we'd like for her house, I had lots of fun!!! I tried lots of new things, spent lots of time with the boys and got to know the family a whole lot better! Thanks for being great hosts Linda and Charlie and letting me borrow your camera to capture all the memories! :-)
Keep checking back in on my blog all day today for three new blog posts about my adventures at the cottage!!!