I spent the long weekend at the cottage this year with my cousins and nephews!!!

Everyone met up at Linda's and Charlie's house before we drove up there! It was a long ride there but time went by quick since we all took a nap in the car.

We rented a cottage near a beautiful lake which made it really good for Charlie and his boys to fish...

for the girls to tan

and for eli to waddle his toes in the water!

Here's Ethan posing with one of the fishes he caught!

He easily caught so many of those fishes! I wish it was that easy for me... (I'll save that for the next post! Hahaha)

After we unpacked, soaked up some sun and had some fun...

it was time for dinner!

Afterwards, the men in the house found a new hobby besides fishing...

which were catching little creatures...

especially frogs!!!

Eli saw daddy lift the cover..

which gave him the brilliant idea of trying it too!!! Hahaha

You don't want to mess with
ethan and his frogs! ;-)