The next morning, I was woken up by the rain and chilly weather!

I had an English muffin for breakfast and we all hung inside the house until the weather got better.

While we waited for better weather, my cousin Jennifer arrived at the cottage with cookies

and my sister and Ryan finally arrived too!!

Once they arrived, the whole trip and weather got better! :-)

I wish i was in this group photo with all the girls (and Eli) but that's alright

because I went canoeing for the first time with my brutha!!! Hehe :-)

He laughs at practically everything I say...
well of course he would.

I'm hilarious... ;-)

I'm not sure how long we canoed for but food was the motive to paddle quickly home!

After dinner, we played around

(Too precious!)

until it got dark...

to start the bonfire!

Besides roasting marshmallows,

the men continued with their new hobby...

they broke their record for catching more frogs than the night before!

Ethan was totally ecstatic while I was quite disturbed! Hahaha!

After the bonfire, we went inside and watch America's Got Talent on the small television

Before pulling out Cranium! Did I ever mention how much I adore this game?!

Stay tune for more!!!