It made me so happy to see the sun 
shining bright on our last day at the cottage!

"Cindy, take a picture of this! This is what happens when you put beer in the freezer."

That's what happen guys! Hahaha :-) 
After breakfast, all the girls made their way to the dock for some last group shots!

We made our way back to the house for lunch afterwards!

This tuxedo cake tasted exquisite!!! :-)

After lunch, Ryan and I went canoeing one last time! He made me sit in the front this time because apparently the one who sits at the back does most of the steering and I didn't steer well last time! Hahaha (Not true!!!!)

Linda and I traded spots afterwards

and Charlie invited me to go fishing with them! Hehe :-)

It was nice capturing shots of them fishing! After being behind the camera for a while, Ethan asked me if I wanted to try!

I never fished before and he was so sweet and taught me everything I needed to know! :-)

He even helped me hook on the slimy worms!

While I was fishing, Susan and Ryan were canoeing and watching me fail miserably! Haha

I finally caught my first fish after a few struggles! Look at that cute thang! Hehehe :-)

It actually looks like nothing compared to what Charlie caught though...

Check out Ethan's audience!

After fishing and canoeing, we all had to start packing to leave. While everyone was loading their cars, Ethan and I went to the dock together one last time to feed the left over worms to the fishies!
Thanks linda and charlie for making this cottage experience all possible!!! It was definitely memorable!

The day ended on a very good note with mango sticky rice
from Green Mango! I don't think i can ever get sick of this! *sigh...

If you missed any blog posts from my cottage adventure, no worries!

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