On Sunday morning, my mom asked me to help her pick some grapes from our backyard! My parents take great pride in their grapes and I can see why ...they're lovely!

They built a canopy for the grape vines to grow above our swing set

and not only is it pretty but it also provides really good shade!

So my mom wanted me to help her... that didn't really happen though... it was more like me admiring and eating them... Heh heh heh.. ;-)

I chose this grape to take a photo of but my mom was like, "That's not a pretty grape! Look at that skin sticking out!"

...So she gave me a "better" one instead! Hahaha ...Okay there mother.

Did you know my mom only calls me "Cinderella?"

Besides showing off her beautiful grapes,

my mom asked me if I wanted to see a snake...

She also showed me this cute wittle apple that grew! It's actually the only one on this tree but not for long.. ;-) Nom, nom, nom.

Yesterday Joycelyn, her little brother and I visited IKEA to purchase some pillows for my day bed! I finally got around to buying some! So happy! :-)

I actually saw joycelyn two days ago and we had lunch and did some shopping together! :-)

I've been wanting to buy a new pair of ankle boots and I found the perfect pair at Topshop! Joycelyn also helped me pick out a perfect pair of sunglasses from there too! Hehe :-)


We ended the day with ice cream from Caffe Demetre!

After IKEA yesterday, we recorded a bunch of videos! Here's a compilation of my favourite clips! :-) I love how Joycelyn's little brother was asleep throughout the whole video! Just a warning ...there's a lot of laughing! Check out Joycelyn's tumblr after you're done!


I have to go fold laundry now! I'm truly Cinderella!!! Hahaha