My cousin Nancy just went home and you know that feeling when someone slept over for a few days and kept you company and then when they leave.. it feels strange? That's how I feel right now!!!

Since last year, it is now our annual tradition for summer sleepovers together! Nancy and her family came over on Sunday evening to drop her off and have dinner.

We ate dinner, visited Baskin Robbins for ice cream

and checked out the new park that has just opened near my house! My little cousin Lisa was a bit camera shy so she took the photos for us. :-)

Thanks Lisa!!! She was inspired by my blog and created one too! Check it out here, it'll definitely make you smile! Hehe :-)

On the first night of our sleepover, we made banana ice cream! Ours looks more like yogurt though... since we didn't freeze it long enough... Hahaha :-) Here's the easy recipe!

The next day we explored downtown together! (It was actually Nancy's first time shopping at Eaton's!) Before we went home, we had to have a pitstop at her favourite ice cream place, Marble Slab!

Our favourite purchase of the day were the dozen tiny rings we bought together to split between us! They're so simple and cute! :-*

Here was my outfit for the day!
Top and Shorts - T.Babaton, Boots - Topshop,  Bag - Juicy Couture

When we came home, we biked to Metro to buy our dinner! :-)

We were so lucky that there was one more package left!

How romantic are we!!! :-*

Afterwards, we went biking and explored my neighbourhood

until it was sunset! So pretty! :-)

The night ended with manicures, our own bucket of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and a late night movie!

We both watched A Walk to Remember at least five times and we're still not sick of it! I still don't remember what comes next in the film though! Hahaha

The next few days, we enjoyed yummy homemade meals we made together,

sweet desserts
we baked together,

(We topped them off with tiny apple bits to make it seem a bit healthier! :-))

long hours of talking on my backyard swing and getting eaten alive by mosquitos! I love ya lots munchkin! :-*