When I first started this blog, the first entry I ever wrote was this one with this guy! Once I entered high school, I lost touch with everyone from middle school since I went to a different high school. I'm so happy that I've finally reconnected with my grade eight bestie after three years! :-)


It was so nice seeing him today! We laughed, talked, ate, laughed and talked some more. I really missed him!


We watched a horror movie (The Apparition) ... which was not scary at. all. We do not recommend it! Haha Afterwards, we had dinner at Pickel Barrel! I love how we're so comfortable with each other and didn't care how gross we looked when we ate! Hehe :-)

The best part was the dessert samples! Oh baby! :-)

The chocolate one was our favourite, it really did hit the spot!



Besides movie and dinner, we had kaboodle of fun around the mall!

He was so sweet and genuine! He complimented on my blog so many times, my appearance, made me feel so comfortable with taking photos and did not mind window shopping with me!! Hahaha Thank you Kahiye!

Thanks for a very memorable day
& welcome back to my life!