The things that made me smile this long weekend was having corn and steak for dinner,

seeing my close cousins one last time this summer,

having my monthly Starbucks' fix,

buying Vaseline for my eyelashes (It makes them grow longer and thicker!),

buying my favourite green tea,

being surprised with an adorable desk lamp from my parents,

receiving a valuable pearl ring from my mamabear,

being able to find pretty blouses through the messy racks at Forever 21,

finding a perfect size pencil case that also fits my calculator,

and finally...

being able to purchase the Michael Kors' bag I've been admiring all year! :-)

My first designer bag I purchased with my own money! All this hard work really paid off this summer. :-) I was so close to buying this adorable backpack I saw at Urban Outfitters but I'm glad I saved up for something I wanted so much more! This really ended my summer '12 on such an amazing note! :-)

This summer was actually so much better than I could ask for! Here are some of my favourite moments!

  1. Spending time with my two adorable nephews - Read about it here and here.
  2. Seeing Frank Ocean perform live! - Read about it here.
  3. Spending time at the cottage - part one, part two, part three
  4. Spending time with my wifay - Read about it here.
  5. Spending time with my favourite cousin - Read about it here.
  6. Seeing my grade 8 bestie after three years - Read about it here.
  7. Spending time with my childhood besties - Read about it here and here.
Thanks to all my family and friends who spent time with me this summer and made it so much fun and memorable!!! :-*