Today I went bowling with my two favourite people! I can't believe I've known them since I was six years old! I'm now convinced that we will definitely grow old together! :-)

Camille's brother actually planned the whole thing as a farewell party for camille since she's leaving for university tomorrow! (Camille is actually my age but she got to skip a grade!) He also paid for all of us! Thanks so much travis!!!

Camille's friend also joined us for a night of bowling, she was so funny and adorable!

Besides sucking at bowling alot... like alot... (I wasn't even trying though... :-))

and chipping my baby thumb, (CUT YOUR NAILS BEFORE YOU PLAY GUYS!!!)

it was a very hilarioussssss and fun night with good company!

This is Travis' signature bowling form... y'know.. just stick that one leg up... it actually worked for him!!!

It sucked that Estee had to leave early. We had to take one group photo as a keepsake!

I know I'm a wee bit short.. Hahaha Did you know Kim Kardashian is the same height as me!?

Estee didn't miss out on much when she left... I still sucked.. but not as much as Travis' friend who joined us for the last hour! Mwuahahaha!

I don't know what Joycelyn was on after but she totally creamed all of us in the last game and travis' confidence from the first game was gone in this hour! Hahaha

After bowling, Travis and his two friends went somewhere else to do who knows what while my besties and I went roaming around the streets together. :-)

We climbed on ledges in alleys...

blasted Bridget Mendler's new song (so catchy!!!!),

and took lots of lovey dovey best friend pictures. Hehehehe :-)

I told them to go lay on this empty street to make it seem like we're rebels


and they totally worked it!!! Hahaha

Even though we don't hang out much during the summer, we always end it every year together!!! :-*

Afterwards, Camille left with Travis early since shes's moving into residence early next morning! Joycelyn and I decided to have dinner together @ Harvey's to end our night!

Nothing better than having a late night fast food with my best friend! :-)

T'was another amazing night with amazing people!