My days have been so spontaneous lately and I like that. A lot! 
I thought yesterday would be an ordinary day until... 

my best friend visited me after school! 
It felt strange seeing Jen on a weekday since we usually hung out on weekends! I don't know why though but that has to change! I really think my childhood friends keep me sane. Haha :-)


We did our usuals... shared some of our secrets and thoughts .. and ramblings, ate some plums and mangoes, took some iPhone selfies (that cannot ever be seen, hahaha)


and then Jen had this urge to walk around my neighbourhood and if you know me, "I'm up for anything!!!" :-) We also brought my camera and gorilla tripod on the way! We went to the beach first...


... just kidding! :-)


We actually went to this elementary school and climbed around!


Did I ever mention how my parents think my curiosity will eventually get me lost... :-)

Check out these photos I took on this exact bridge two years ago! So precious!

It doesn't look like we're struggling or anything... heheheh :-)

I felt a bit too old to still be taking pictures on the playground ...until I saw this!


 Here are some more of my favourites!


I found this one single dandelion in the field after and I tried to make a wish with it...


but that didn't really work! Jen tried... and we were both hopeless! Hahaha

The weather was so nice to us yesterday! 
I really don't want to say goodbye to summer yet!


Are you ready to see one of my favourite photos I ever took?!



Thanks for a memorable day bestie, it's always so nice seeing your pretty face! :* I just have this really, really good feeling that this will be one of my favourite school years ...and I don't know why! :-)

Stay tune for my next post, you won't want to miss it! :-)