We celebrated my little nephew's 6th birthday today!
Linda asked me again this year to be the photographer for Ethan's party, of course I said yes!!! I was going to take lots of photos anyways! Haha :-)

Some of the things that made me smile (and giggle!) at the party was...

seeing how happy a chicken wing can make people,

Linda's super cute decor (the theme this year is Ninjago - Ethan's new obsession!),

family portraits,

seeing my grandma smiling,

home cooked meals,

that cheese & spinach lasagna,
  these yogurt pretzels (My new obsession!),

the way Jennifer's fork broke when she tried
to pick up a piece of lettuce (How is that possible?! HAHA),

Eli's classic smile,

the cute relationship Ryan and my grandma have (Random fact: Ryan is the only one who buys my grandma her favourite chicken nuggets from McDonald's! Haha),
  pretty manicures,

deflating bouncy castles,
seeing someone rocking a gimp bracelet (I.. can't.. even. Hahaha),

capturing those very special moments,

chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles,

seeing how happy Ethan was when he opened his prezzies,

(Hey Ryan, Hey!!!)

and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside when I saw how happy he was to unwrap my gift! :-)

Thanks for inviting me Linda and Charlie!!! 
I had a wonderful time!

I hope you got everything you wish for little one!!!

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Stay tune for my next post about my new purchases! ;-)