Here's my outfit for today! This was what I came up with after looking in my closet for 2 minutes! I'm not the type who plans their outfit the night before and if I do try... I always change it once I open my closet door! I'm really unpredictable! Hahaha

I was trying to find an outfit that would go nicely with my new ankle boots - they practically go well with everything! I'm sooo in love! :-) I'm finally able to see eye to eye with my friends!!!

  One of the perks of having a spare first period is being able to give myself a manicure! OPI Red will always be my go-to colour!
  Cream Sweater - Mango, Silk Shorts - Wilfred, Bustier - Talula
Backpack - Urban Outfitters, Boots - Dolce Vita 

Speaking of my ankle boots, I just got them this weekend! I did not plan to get them at all. My main goal was to buy new black knitted Uggs for the season! However... once I walked into the store, my eyes were drawn to these Dolce Vita ankle boots!

After purchasing my black ankle boots from Topshop, I really wanted to find camel coloured ones. These are close enough - maybe even better! :-) I was so surprised that I didn't have to break them in, they're so comfortable!!!

... I also got new Steven Madden leopard loafers! Hehehe :-)

I was actually admiring these over the summer but I just couldn't justify the price to get them but now they're marked down 60% off and it was the only one left in my size!!! I actually think we were meant to be! :-)

The money I was suppose to spend on my Uggs were spent on these  
...which was so worth it!!!