I've been waiting forever to post about the new addition to my family! I haven't blogged about him yet because I haven't been able to find good lighting for photos! These aren't the best either, but they'll have to do since I'm so excited to finally introduce you guys to... my new betta fish, Fluffy!!!

He's six months old, I'm not sure when his birthday is.. but let's just say it's September 12th, the day I got him from Susie and Ryan! Thank you so much guys!!! :-)

He's actually a rare kind since these fishes common colours are red and blue!

(I initially wanted a goldfish but apparently they're a lot of work to take care of compared to betta fishes.)

This is Fluffy chillin' in his jacuzzi,

checking out his sexy self,

and showing me no love! WHY WON'T YOU LOVE MEEE!!!

Just kidding... I make him horny ...I mean, I make him really happy. Like, really. When you see bubbles floating at the top of their tank, it means that they're really happy and comfortable with you :-)

..and it also means they're ready to make babies...

He made so many bubbles the second day I had him, it covered half the tank! My sister and I were so fascinated... and oddly disgusted! HAHA

It was time for some family portraits together - whether he wanted to or not!!! Hahaha

Kissy for ma fishy! :*

Oh Fluffy, you make me so much betta... there are so many adventures yet to come! (I'm not looking forward to cleaning out your tank this weekend though. Please stop pooing!) My sister asked me today if I still loved him... the question is supposed to be, DOES HE STILL ME? Hahaha

& here's my outfit of the day!
Today was pretty chilly, I think autumn is finally here! I love sweater weather! :-)

My friend Safia told me I have nice shoulders - that was probably one of the best compliments I got today! Hahaha :-)

Top - Mendocino, Loafers - Steve Madden, Bag - Michael Kors, Bracelet - Juicy Couture