Last night was probably one of the worst sleeps I got this year. (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit! :-)) I kept waking up every 20 minutes and coughing out my lungs. I rarely get sick (knock on wood!) but when I do, I feel like I'm dying!!! Whenever my grandma hears me coughing, she would cough right after. I'm wondering if she really needs to cough or she's trying to make some sort of symphony with our coughs?! Hahaha

Since I'm sick and my mother claims that I'm not wearing enough layers.. I decided to layer up today! Of course I would pick the warmest day of the week to wear my big and cozy cardigan!!!

Cardigan - Wilfred, Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Michael Kors, Boots - Dolce Vita

On the bright side, I wore tights beneath my shorts so I was able to take them off. :-) As I was taking these outfit pictures, I got distracted with...

three leaf clovers!!! I remember my friend Subie used to be able to find four leaf clovers so easily. I'm not kidding! She literally found one once or twice a week! She told me that I'll eventually find one if I didn't try so hard to look for it...

I was trying hard today - so hard!!!! Besides being annoyed with the sound of my own coughing, I'm getting annoyed with my hair. I need change. Maybe this is me being irrational right now since I'm sick but at the moment, my hair needs a little spunk to it!!!

Hopefully I could convince my father to dye my hair for me! I told him to let me dye it multiple colours so I could learn to appreciate my natural hair colour... :-) I can't remember what his response was but I'm prettty sure he won the argument... since I still have the same hairstyle!@#$%