I took Family Studies this year since I heard it was good to take if I wanted to get into teaching! Our first assignment this year was to design our own family genogram - it's basically a little more complex family tree. If you had classes with me, you probably already know that I like to go big with my projects... :-) Why not have some fun, right?! :-)

Time for a sour key break!!!!

After all the mess...


here's my final product!

Nancy gave me the idea to use characters from Phineas and Ferb to represent my family members! :-) I also included my pet fishy, Fluffy!!!!! :-)

I came up with the idea last minute to make my legend in a flower pinwheel!!! :-)

I also came up with an idea of placing my paragraph underneath the tree flap! :-)

 "I like to think that Fluffy and I have an affectionate relationship, even though I seem to show it more often than he does." :'(

Thank god it's Friday!!!! 
I can't wait to see what adventure I will have this weekend... Stay tune!!! :-)