I got to meet my future neice in law today, Keyann!!! :-) She's the daughter of Chris (Ryan's older brother) and Reneda. She was born exactly one week ago! Ryan is absolutely in love with her, he's so ready to swag out his niece with Burberry dresses! Hahaha

I wasn't able to hold her since I still have this stupid disease in me but at least I got to touch her little fingers! :-) She's so fiesty, like Reneda. Haha! I really hope she grows up to be like her hilarious mom!

Keyann wasn't the only baby in the house... there was this little dude who has the highest pitched scream ever! He has this little belly which makes him waddle when he walks! I just wanted to squeeze him!!!!! Hahaha

He's also a big fat cuddler and got so attached to my sister!

He saw Ryan lift Keyann up and wouldn't cooperate with my sister until she lifted him up too. My sister was like, "Can you sit down with Keyann so I could put him down! He's too heavy!!!" Hahaha

 We pretty much didn't want to leave her!!! She's so precious - I really can't wait to see her grow up!

We had to eventually leave since my sister and Ryan had to get a good night sleep for their vacation tomorrow!!! They're going to Aruba for the week! We had to have our traditional taco Saturday to say farewell. This tradition happens every two months. Hehe :-) They're actually my bestest friends!

I trust them with all my secrets. We can eat so sloppy in front of each other. (This is why we need a fork when we eat tacos! Haha)

We see each other at our worst ...We're just comfortable being gross with each other!!! I really hope they marry each other and have babies so I can love and squeeze them!!!! (I have a feeling I will probably be the pushover aunt who spoils them! Hahaha) Have a safe and fun trip guys! Don't forget to bring me back a seashell and Facetime with me everyday!!!!!! Like actually... :-)