The things that made me happy this week so far were the compliments I got for my outfits (Thanks guys!!!), riding my bike to school,

seeing how much my appearance changed throughout high school,

seeing how happy Fluffy is when he gets fed (I think this is Fluffy's happy face. He always has this face, so he must be always happy right?!!),

finding random photos with my fwendz,

being at the stage where I get to cut out my logo (We're making our own t-shirt logos in art class!!! I'm considering of selling them once I finish!),

purchasing new Autumn boots,

purchasing a new wool hat from Aritzia and finding the last leopard scarf there (I think it was meant to be!!!),

using my cookie cutters to make cute shapes in my sandwiches, going shopping with my mommy,

seeing how happy my mom was when she saw the banana cake I baked for her and the red roses my daddy surprised her with!

The last thing that made me happy was obviously getting a slice of her birthday cake!!! :-) Happy birthday Mom!!! Love you foreva and eva! Xx


My sister currently has my camera with her in Aruba so this week's photos will mostly be from my iPhone! :-) Stay tune for tomorrow's blog post, it's someone else's special birthday!!! Hehe :-)

 First Photo: Blouse - Forever 21, Jumper - Wilfred, Boots - Topshop, Bracelet - Juicy Couture