Happy 17th birthday, Jessica!!!! :-* Thank you for being a consistent blog reader, the best listener and most of all... being the most amazing and loyal friend anyone can have!!! :-) May your year be filled with lots of love, happiness and success!

I brought Jessica a slice of the banana cake I baked last night and unknowingly, she brought me a slice of banana cake her mom baked last night!!! (You could say that we basically traded our banana slices. Hahaha) For this special day, I decided to paint my nails mint candy apple (Ok, fine. I had nothing to do since I had a late start and first period spare this morning!) I also knew I had to find a somewhat nice outfit to look half decent standing next to the birthday girl! :-)

Jean Jacket - American Eagle, Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Blouse - Sense of Independence, Boots - Topshop

I'm off to call her now to wish her a happy birthday again and then I'm going to attempt to finish my media assignment tonight in hopes of having time to bake cookies and do some designs on my nails! :-)