Today was a fun and memorable day and it's not because I got to eat some tasty gelato. Okay, that is part of the reason... :-) but it was mostly because I got to spend some quality time with Jessica after school for her post birthday celebration! :-) We did what girls do best - shopping!!!

We weren't finding anything ...until we walked into Topshop! From there on... we just went crazy through the racks! We picked out so many things that they decided to let us go into the "personal shopping" change rooms... or I like to think of it as... VIP change rooms! Hehehe :-)

With every great shopping adventure is followed by great food! I'm Asian and I still eat Asian food when I go out! Hahaha I'm a big fat sucker for Manchu Wok though. :-)

You see that ALDO box there? Those are actually the boots that I purchased this week. I was going to return it because I wasn't completely satisfied with them but after I tried looking for another pair ...I couldn't. I finally realized that the ones I bought were the best ones for me so I ended up keeping what I bought! Hahaha I guess all I really needed was some confirmation that I made the right choice! :-) I also bought the Ottoman Jacket from American Apparel today and I'm so in love!!!

Here was my outfit for the day! I've been wearing my charm bracelet everyday this week. It's probably because I think it adds a nice touch to my outfits or it's because I miss my sister too much because she's on vacation and it reminds me of her... :-)

Sweater - Gap, Bag - Michael Kors, Boots - Dolce Vita

While I was cleaning my grandma's closet, I actually found that cute sweater in there! She was so willing to give it to me because she got it as a gift and thought it was too "young" for her to wear. Hahaha


I also lost my Booster Juice virginity today! :-)