This year I decided to go to my high school's "Friday Night Lights" to watch our senior football team vs. our rivalry school. It's an annual event which I have never been to... in all my years there... :-) I clearly have so much school spirit! Hahaha Some of my friends told me to go since I won't ever have a chance to go again. Joycelyn was like, "Please go for me!!!"

Some also said it was not worth it because of the cold weather. Here was what I learned guys - at the end of the day, if you had a good time with good people... you won't remember all the bad stuff! So listen to me: dress up and show up!

Thiya decided to accompany me last night, even though she goes to neither of the schools playing! Thanks again, girly! Before the game, we had dinner at Green Mango!

Like I said before, I'm Asian and I still eat Asian food when I go out... Hahaha :-)

Gotta have my monthly dose of mango sticky rice! My sister, Ryan and I obsess over this.

Not going to lie, Thiya and I were so close to changing our minds last minute and using our ticket money to go watch Sinister instead... :-)

We met up with my school friends there! :-)

Memorable sayings of the night:

"I cannot feel my toes."
♪ Not that type of season! I just want my socks!!! ♫
♪ You know it's cold when you can't feel your boogers running!!! ♫
"Omg Cindy, can you stop shaking [up and down]?"
"You know what that means Thiya? Let's shake back and forth!!!!"
"You know it's cold when there's no one else here!!!"


We left when there was one minute left of the game because we knew it would get packed at the doors. We already knew who was going to win the game though... :-) We were going to leave earlier but Maddy confessed that we made it more fun. Of course we did!!! :-)

There were a few unlucky things that happened to me today but I learned a very valuable lesson out of it - always carry extra change with you (+ lotion)!!! I won't tell you guys why but let's just say, I always learn things the hard way... Hehe :-) 


On the bright side, I baked some chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!!

When I found this recipe on Pinterest at work, all I thought was, "Aw yeah! Chewy! I love me some chewy!" I have braces, by the way.

My orthodontist advised me not to eat anything chewy but who listens to their orthodontist?! I'm actually the worst patient though...I eat popcorn, bite into apples... and chew gum.

Oh yeah. Gum!!! Any chance I get! I break a bracket monthly... I wonder why... :-)

Here's the recipe for the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! :-)

Did you know that the ROGERS channel also aired our football game tonight?!!!