I think I finally found my secret spot for taking outfit photos in my backyard - it's just the perfect angle for my height. :-) I'm currently obsessed with the new jacket I got from American Apparel!


I was initially looking for a camel coloured sweater to add to my wardrobe but this definitely caught my eye while searching! :-)

Jacket - American Apparel, Top and Shorts - Urban Outfitters,
Boots - Topshop, Bag - Michael Kors

Guess who are back from their vacation in Aruba?!?! They're so tanned and fabulous compared to my pasty skin! My sister got Ryan's caramel glow and well Ryan just turned ...chocolate?! Hahaha

Ryan saw my sister modeling for me and thought he could do better...

.... and I thought he did!!! Work it boy!!!

Whoa whoa whoaaa..... Supermodel status.

They're so stinkin' cute!

I asked them to bring me back a seashell as a souvenir and they got me a seashell keychain! :-)

They also got me 16 more seashells from the beach!!! :-) This is one of my favourite. Look at the shiny interior!

This is Ryan's favourite! We named her Sheila... :-)

My sister likes this bright yellow one!

This is just a simple clam shell with a tint of pink and orange if you face it in the light. It's my absolute favourite! I named her Shelley!!! :-)

I also like this one too...

it has this ugly texture going on... I like!!!

Thank you so much for the seashells Susie and Ryan! Here is the start of my collection... :-)

I came home today and saw this big, brown chunk in Fluffy's fish tank which I thought was his dead remains!!! Luckily, it was just his ....poop!