Joycelyn had a half day at her school yesterday and I had a presentation last period. I asked her if she wanted to come to my media class to see me present, since we were planning to hang out after school anyways!!! :-)


I just told my media teacher that she had a free period and she wanted to see me present - he was totally fine with it!!! Heh..heh..heh.. :-) I think the class enjoyed the presentation that Alexandria and I did on the micowave! I'm sure they enjoyed the bag of popcorn more though! Hahaha :-)


It felt unreal to see her in my school and sitting in my class! We always imagined together what it would be like if we were in the same school and gosh, it would be amazing!!!

I showed her my locker, my homeroom, art class and ...the girls' washroom! Hahaha

After school we walked back to my place and the breeze was perfect! We made dinner together... like an actual meal!!! We're finally upgrading from Kraft Dinner's macaroni and cheese...

....Yeah right... :-)

We made creamy chicken Alfredo pasta with broccoli and a sprinkle of garlic - future chefs in the making. :-) We caught up on each other's school lives,

laughed a lot,


watched Pretty Little Liars and took some Autumn pictures, of course!

It's always great seeing one of my favourite person ever. :-)