Here was my outfit on Tuesday! I gotta say... I've been pretty lucky with the weather! It seems to stop raining whenever I have time to take outfit photos. :-)

I'm really trying to wear all my skirts before the weather gets colder! I'm so happy I stumbled across this polka dot skirt when I was just about to give up looking for something at H&M. Oh! I also wore my peacoat to school that day. I'm not that silly to just wear like that for this weather! :-)


Since the weather is changing, all the plants are pretty much dying in my backyard. I tried to hang my camera on a tree branch and it broke! You could say I was being optimistic so I tried to hang it on another branch.. and that broke too!  It's either the plant hates me or my camera is heavy ...or yeah.. the plant hates me. :-)

Lace Crop Top - Urban Outfitters, Skirt - H&M, Boots - Topshop

Here was my outfit for today! A colourful plaid shirt for a rainy day. :-)

Wow. Look at that straight hairline I got going on!!! :-)

This flannel is probably one of my favourite tops in my wardrobe. It's so quirky and colourful and ...quirky! I paired this with my mint bustier.

I love the colour mint!!!

Flannel Shirt - TNA, Shorts - T.Babaton, Backpack - Urban Outfitters, Circle Scarf - Xmas Present from Joycelyn!

Here was my outfit for Monday! I did not go in order of the days at all... Hahaha

Besides obsessing over pairing opaque tights with shorts, I'm obsessed with pairing collared blouses and knits this season!  

Blouse - Forever 21, Knit - Zara, Boots - Dolce Vita, Jean Jacket - American Eagel

"Cindy! School is not a fashion show!"

... :-)