Here's a quick update for my week! This week I had my share of ups and downs, but I'm totally fine!  There was way more ups actually. :-) So the things that made me happy this week was ...finding my way home!

Okay... how is it possible for me to get lost when I've been walking down the same route for three years??? Well... I decided to turn down this street today and my only explanation for that is.. I don't like routines, I really don't. :-)  I didn't freak out or anything, I was actually singing along to Rihanna and admiring at things! You have no idea how many things I'm inspired or fascinated by. Hahaha :-)


The other ther things that made me happy was being surprised with sweet pastries, my friend Maddy ,

with my siblings in Bahamas,

and learning new techniques for water colour painting! Not going to lie, I only looked forward to this class this week!!! I'm so excited with the new assignment we're going to be doing! (More details on that soon.) :-)

My teacher told us not to draw any specific objects and... I don't really follow her rules. :-) My belief is that art has no rules, so I drew a snowman.

 Hah! :-)

It also made me happy to see how happy my friends were! (Cheesy Cindy! Hahaha)

 I helped my friends set up for their English presentation and they paid me with cupcakes and sugar cookies! That's totally cool with me!!! Those were basically my ups for this week! :-)

Here comes the down. I only had one down and just sucks! Basically... Fluffy is not so fluffy anymore... (If you don't know who Fluffy is, click here.)

He passed away today after school!!! I sat there for a good twenty minutes and stared at my fish bowl. This blog is supposed to be a keepsake of all the happy stuff I want to remember. Fluffy made me happy during those two months (ONLY TWO MONTHS. WAH!!!!) so I want to take the time to remember him. Here's a short clip of my siblings and I gathering together to eat almonds and sharing our favourite moments of Fluffy!

Rest in sweet peace, Fluffy. You'll have a great time with my cactus up there. I will always cherish the memories we had together. XXX