Mondays are usually the most dreadful day of the week but today was actually.. not bad... :-) This morning my art summative was due. Yup... Summative. Well, it was actually part one or artwork number one! For this year's summative, we have to create four artworks based on one theme.

When we were first assigned this in September, I had no idea what to do - I was actually so uninspired.

This assignment consumed my thoughts... okay, just kidding. It did consume me when I slept at night though. Okay, just kidding about that too! Or not... but anyways!!! It mostly consumed me in the shower! Hahaha All I knew was that I wanted these artworks to hit close to home... to reflect my personal life in a way... to tell a narrative... to show some type of a transformation!

I eventually came up with the idea of showing each four years of high school in my artwork. I was going to do a collage at first but then I knew there would be a lot of filler abstract art to cover up my forgetful memory so I scratched that idea. The following week was picture day and after I received my last student card... I got that eureka moment for my artwork!!! Ohhhh yeah! Hahaha

Not going to lie, I thought the idea was so unexciting when I thought more about it so I started to think of another idea. I asked my friend Kahiye for help me and he came up with the idea of using paper maché which gave me the idea of illustrating my teeth!

 I thought of the possibility of doing an impression of my teeth for each year I had braces in high school! I knew my orthodontist was still carrying them. I was so happy to come up with that idea but at the same time... I was utterly disturbed with knowing the fact that my teeth would be displayed to everybody!!!

I eventually went to my art teacher with my two ideas to ask for her help and she told me that both were very creative and original. :-) She told me that no one had ever thought of using their student cards to depict their high school life...

which finally convinced me to follow through with my original idea! :-)

The technique I used was dry point etching. She was planning to teach the class this technique later in the year but she was so willing to teach me ahead so I could use it for my summative! :-) This technique is a lot of work. I probably encountered a difficulty at every stage!!! Not kidding. My patience was really being tested. Here's a super quick lesson on this technique from yours truly! :-)

The first thing you need to do is incised your image into a plexiglas plate with a sharp metal needle! Next, you roll a thin layer of ink onto the plate and wait a minute or two. Afterwards, you wipe the whole plate clean with papers from a YellowPages book. You could ONLY use paper from these old phone books because if you use anything else - it will scratch the plate! (I'm serious, paper towels scratches it too!) Lastly, you would run it through an etching press with a dampened paper to finish the process and voila - you created a print! I made a dozen prints and guess what... number seven was the one.

That's me! Freshman Cindy! Stay tune for Sophomore!!! :-)

After the little art gallery we had in class, my afternoon went swell. :-) (All day today Maddy was asking me if I was swell?!?! Hahaha)

I had lunch with my lover, got a ring pop from her, learned some radian measures and played flip cup in English!

Afterschool, mamabear and I spent some quality shopping time together!!! What a perfect way to end a Monday. I can't wait to show the things I got in my upcoming outfit of the days! :-)

Oh yeah - this week's photos will be from my iPhone since my sister has my camera on her vacation!

OOTD: Blouse - Zara, Boots - DV, Scarf - Burberry (c/o of my sister's closet)
Oh... the benefits of being at home while your sister is gone!!!