1. Baking mini apple pies
So the first thing I loved about this week was being able to make my mushy apples come to good use! :-) I was trying my best to savour each one by taking small bites and while I was doing that...

you have my friend Saffie who was overly excited and finished one in only one bite!!! Hahaha

2. Shopping with Megan

I always love shopping!!! Shopping with friends.. shopping with family.. shopping alone... not like I did that before... :-) Ok fine, I did. Believe me, it's not bad at all! I actually like it because you don't have to rely on anyone else's opinions and you start to listen to your own intuition! If none of you have done it before, I urge you to! Megan and I had a great time (I think we did?!? I did!!!)  shopping and eating some hot pad thai. It was literally burning... my taste buds were not the same the following day. The smart me would have waited but the smarter me was like, "Why would I do such a thing?!" Hehehe The day ended with strawberry shortcake sundae... the perfect dessert for this weather right... :-)

Megan was so cute! She didn't want to purchase these same boots that I owned but I honestly did not mind at all! Like what am I supposed to do if we both just have a fabulous sense of style!!! Hahaha
Thanks for an awesome time Megan! :-)

3. Baked goods
My good ol' friend Maddy came to my locker in the morning and quickly unzipped the front pocket of her bag and pulled out a bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies she baked for me! We have a love/hate relationship but I know I'm her biggest girl crush. :-)

4. Eating salmon with my best friends

Joy and Thiya came over on Wednesday night and we caught up while eating some strawberry cheesecake, persimmons... and salmon! Aw yeah. :-) Let's all just ignore my new signature pose I was attempting in the last photo... and admire how cute Joycelyn looks! :-)

I also found my old pair of navy blue converses that day! When I say old... I mean since grade 7! Oddly enough, my feet stopped growing... wait no - that's not odd at all. I actually stopped growing since time!!! Wah!
Maddy said I even make casual/sporty wear look chic. (((((Girl Crush)))))

5. New Scarves
I'm slowly adding more infinity scarves to my collection and by collection right now, I mean my other black infinity scarf! Hahaha Check out my grandma weeerkin' it!

6. These boys
They're growing up so fast! Ugh. I just realized that Eli looks at anywhere but the camera which makes me feel like a creepy photographer... and now you probably think that I'm one too! Hahaha


7. Manicures

I'm sure giving yourself a little manicure is one of the easiest lift me ups - but getting it all over your hand is.. completely not! Take in how small my hands are and how stubby my nails are. (I'm pretty convinced that I'm done growing...)


8. Finishing an artwork
After spending 8 hours on this, I'm finally done! I will tell you more about it on Monday's blog post - stay tune!!! :-)

9. Packing for vacation

I'm helping my sister pack for her next vacation tomorrow! TOMORROW. She just came back from Aruba a month ago... and now she's off to the Bahamas that she actually booked last night! You know... just leave me here... with this chilly Autumn weather. That's cool. 

Let me just get straight to the point - TAKE ME WITH YOUUU!!!

10. Getting offered a job
While I was trying on this faux fur muffler and gorgeous velvet bag at Zara, this girl approached me. At first I thought she was going to ask me were I found those items but then she said something I wasn't expecting at all! "Hi, I really love your sense of style and I work for Aritzia and I was wondering if you wanted to work for us?" 

 Yes - Yes I do!!!

I didn't out right say that because I still wanted to keep my calm and cool exterior going onnn, y'know?! :-)