We threw my grandma a surprise birthday party yesterday!
In all honesty, no one knows when her real birthday is! With that being said, my grandma claims it's her birthday every month! Hahaha I think my family had decided a few years ago that her birthday will forever be the second week of every November. :-)


I convinced her during the day that we were going to have instant noodles for dinner so she shouldn't be having a heavy lunch. My sister eventually told her we were going out.... to celebrate my sister's promotion. My grandma was totally convinced until she got there.... :-)

A family party isn't a family party without these two! :-) My cousin Judy was also back for the weekend - it was nice to finally see her at these family dinners!!!

We had dinner at an Asian restaurant and obviously our parents would order a lot -

since their children were paying for this dinner!!! (I see you.)

The restaurant teased us with this bowl of crab soup for the appetizer...

until they unleashed the good stuff!

As a child, I used to be so obsessed with these colourful chips the restaurants placed above their chicken.

I haven't ate it in so long and now I realized.. it isn't as good as I thought it was. I told my cousin Linda what it tasted like for me and I scarred her too! I'm not going to reveal it here but let's just say, it ain't ma thang anymore! Hahaha

While everyone was enjoying the food... you got Eli enjoying his juice. His love for juice is almost at the same level as his love for his mom!

I decided to test his love for me with a piece of my green peppers.

I said to him, "If you DON'T eat this, that means you love me." I only said that because I assumed he wouldn't eat it.

He ate it.

Us cousins gotta have our typical washroom selfies! :-) Luckily someone walked in on us taking pictures because the lobster finally came to our table!!! Everyone was trying to eat "light" for this!

Belly stuffed and happy smiles all around.

That actually sounded a bit cheesy...

You know what happens when no one wants to model for you in photos...

you start taking photos of this!!! Hahaha

It was finally time to sing happy birthday!!! At the end of the song, someone was like, "Are you one -" but stopped because ....you know... Hahaha

Linda baked the cupcakes for the party! Doesn't the icing look so fluffy and creamy on top of the red velvet and chocolate cupcakes!!! They tasted great for her first try! :-)

Ethan was so ready to eat the cupcakes! "I call two!" Hahaha

It was also Lisa's birthday this past Saturday! She's my little cousin and one of my biggest admirers! :-) Happy birthday Lisa!!! May your year be filled with lots of happiness! :-)

We had to have one family portrait with the grandchildren! I just realized my grandma ain't even looking! That's cool! Hahaha

Thanks to my cousin Linda for letting me capture the memories with her camera and baking all the wonderful cupcakes for the party!!! :-)

When we got in the car, I asked my grandma...

"The instant noodles was good, eh?!