This week was filled with so many unexpected plans and I really liked that! I like things unplanned and I think the reason is that... you can never be disappointed! :-) So yesterday I was a little naughty... but I had a good reason, I really did!

I had a spare in the morning (which gave me time to do my nails! Haha) and then I had economics. To be honest, I spend most of my time in that class staring at this John Kennedy poster, counting the number of people who drink at the water fountain, watching the tree sway outside the window, counting the scratches on my desk and staring at the Under Armour logo on my teacher's shirt. (Oh my god - I just realized how pathetic I sound! HAHA)

For those reasons, I skipped yesterday's class and I don't feel guilty! I already knew what we were going to do - we were going to continue watching a football movie that's irrelevant to the course. My friend Sarah also skipped her second period class because they weren't doing anything either. She picked me up in her whip and we went to eat dessert at Sp!n!!! :-) Woop woop!

It was SO worth it and I'm so happy I got to spend quality time with her! I love her to pieces! Oh yeah, my friend confirmed me that they finished the movie in class that period and I was smart for not going. Heh..heh..heh... :-)

My other classes have been fun this week! In art, we're working on the set design for our school musical - Grease! My group is in charge of designing the jukebox and it's not easy! I think the biggest thing I ever drawn on was a bristol board.... so I'll keep you guys updated on how this goes! :-)

Speaking of unexpected plans... Kalene and I were walking home this week and she asked me if I was doing anything after school. Isn't she just so funny... to think that I actually have plans!!! Ok ...I think I actually pity myself there! Hahahaha

She was going to have her mom's car that night and she was wondering if I wanted to hang out and have dinner! Hell ya! We went to Pickel Barrel for dinner and then we spent the night cruising around our neighbourhood. We rolled down the windows, sang our hearts out to Justin Bieber and Chris Brown and danced at every red light! Hahahaha I don't think I can listen to, "As Long As You Love Me" without wanting to belch out the lyrics from now on!!!

I'm also happy Joycelyn visited me after work on Thursday and we got to grab some gelato! Ah... the little simple pleasures in life. :-) I really love how my friends have cars but I also prefer the old fashion way of transportion too -

piggy back rides, courtesy of Saffie!!! Hehehe :-) So a few weeks ago, my fish was sad. It wasn't making bubbles in its tank anymore and it was starting to change its colour to grey!!! I finally figured out how to cure him...

Trey Songz. My betta fish likes to listen to Trey Songz!!! I'm not even kidding, he flaps his fin around whenever I play it and now he's back to his vibrant pink colour and he's making bubbles!!!! I told my sister my theory and she didn't believe me! She even kicked me out of her room because she couldn't handle it! (Oh yeah, I just had to throw that selfie of me in because it was my first time wearing that new top I got!!!)

By the way, I left Joycelyn's favourite Starbucks' drink on her front porch today

and it totally drove her insane.