We celebrated baby Eli's 2nd birthday yesterday!!! 
You know... my jolly nephew who likes to ruin his brother's Lego models, hug the ladies and loves his popcorn chicken more than anything else!!! Hahaha

When I first entered the door, Linda handed me her camera! We both knew what my task for that afternoon was. :-) The first thing I noticed when I walked into the family room was this SUPER CUTE Elmo theme she had going on!!!

Can we just take a moment and admire the little details she had put into her cupcakes!!!? :-)

We all admired the table before....

we started admiring the food! Linda encouraged us to start eating before the guests arrived!

Of course Ryan and I would.... :-)

Sorry for the food porn guys! Heh.. heh.. heh..

As we waited for the guests, we finished wrapping the prezzies,

played with the birthday boy,

before he passed out with grandpa!

While he took a nap, we played on the mini iPad! My sister got it for Ryan the first day it came out for their 7th year anniversary! SEVENTH YEAR!!! I think it's almost time to marry guys...

I have no idea how she managed to find it in stock! I didn't get the difference between an iPad and a mini iPad until I held it in my hands and I finally got it... I think. :-)

I think my grandma also enjoyed herself at the party. She had so many people willing to give her massages! (Unlike me... Hehehe)

Linda's cooking did hit the spot... but I was definitely looking forward to eating from the snacks' table... :-)

After I took the photos, I realized Linda organized the fruit platters so it would resemble the characters' faces!!! I saw what you did there!!! Hahaha

You would think that she had filled the inside of her jars with candies.. nope! Hahaha

The party finally got started when
this guy walked in!!!

It was time to sing happy birthday to this little man! I think it was my first time singing happy birthday to a 2 years old! It was weird.. you know when they say, "Are you one? Are you two?" I think two is the shortest number I ever gone up to!

He got a little help from daddy and brother to blow out his candles! His reaction after it was blown out was...

We all died!

Ahhh One of my favourite families!!! :-) Their home still feels like my second home.

Afterwards, it was time to feast on the cupcakes! Red...or blue...


It was time to open the gifts after!

I didn't have time to get him a gift this year which means... a bigger Christmas present for him!

The party ended well with Linda stuffing us with lots of leftover treats! Aw yeah!

Did I mention how my family only had two kids knocking at our door for Halloween this year?! I think that's the least we ever got! Well actually, the most we ever got was only 4!!! Hahaha

Thanks for inviting me Linda and Charlie!
I had a fun time and it totally beats having to study!! :-)

I hope you had an awesome birthday baby!!! :-) I really don't think Eli knew it was his birthday...

since we all show him so much affection either way!!!